The app to enhance personal productivity via automatic time tracking

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No start/stop button

Pick your task on a file or website only once on desktop

No extra attention needed

We automatically measure the time you spent in a window

See your day at a glance

You get detailed reports instantly, without administration

Get more work done in less time!


Assign files and websites to tasks

The Taskfit Picker appears on each open window and enables you to assign files and websites to the tasks they belong to. Orange means current file is not assigned to any task yet.

Automatic time tracking

Time is automatically tracked as soon as your currently used active file or website is assigned to a task (marked with blue color). Tracking is paused when you click to another window or close the file.


Work in an organized environment

The assigning of resources to your tasks creates an organized workflow resulting in a clean desktop and a pleasant work environment. No need to spend time on searching for previously used files as you can access your recent files and tasks in the Task Viewer with a click.

Automatic timesheets

Whenever you use assigned files or websites, Taskfit keeps track of that. Forget starting and stopping timers and enjoy your new timesheets generated on the fly.


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Taskfit - insights, stories & more
by Taskfit Team in
Taskfit - insights, stories & more
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Taskfit - insights, stories & more
by Taskfit Team in
Taskfit - insights, stories & more
by Taskfit Team in
Taskfit - insights, stories & more

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Our partners already love the concept of Taskfit. Here’s what they say:

Sándor MESTER Computerworld Hungary

I learnt about Taskfit and the company, BaseWalk behind it when we recently organised a conference on innovation for CIOs. Frankly, the presentation of BaseWalk CEO, Mr Attila KURUCZ was among the most liked ones, and I realised that it is not just me who cannot wait for the debut of Taskfit. Most of us would like to improve their efficiency in the daily work, so we badly need smart tools such as Taskfit.

Zsolt KEMENDI Invitech Solutions

The B2B version of Taskfit has been a handy tool in the daily work of our organization. The new B2C version opens endless new opportunities in improving personal productivity, I am looking forward to get my hands on it!