The Taskfit application significantly increases individual productivity and reduces administrative burdens with automatic time tracking

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No start and stop buttons

Assign any of your files or websites you work with to your tasks, and Taskfit will automatically measure your time spent with them

Focus on your tasks

It will learn what you work with and will assign the documents to your tasks on its own

See through your whole day

Without administration, you get a detailed report on productivity, i.e. how much time you have spent with which task and project

Get more work done in less time!


Assign files and web pages to your tasks

The Taskfit Task Selector appears in each window and allows you to link files and web pages to your current tasks. Task Selectors of different colours indicate that you have already assigned a specific file or web page to a task, which will appear in the current window.

Automatic time tracking

With your file or web page assigned to the tasks, Taskfit will immediately start measuring how much time you have spent with it. The Task Selector turns blue if your session has already been added to a task.


We ensure that you can work under organised conditions

Assigning resources to tasks ensures a systematic workflow and comfortable working conditions. There is no need to search for files and assign them to tasks every time, because the Task Selector automatically offers them and you can pay attention to your work after one click.

Automatic timesheets

If Taskfit recognises what you are working with, you have nothing to do, you can pay attention to your work right away. The system keeps a record of the actual time spent working. There is no timer, administration is just a click away, Taskfit does everything else in the background for you, be it a daily statement or even a monthly report at company level.


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Taskfit - insights, stories & more
by Taskfit Team in
Taskfit - insights, stories & more
by Taskfit Team in
Taskfit - insights, stories & more
by Taskfit Team in
Taskfit - insights, stories & more
by Taskfit Team in
Taskfit - insights, stories & more

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Our partners who have already fallen in love with the Taskfit working time records system and give reputation to us:

Sándor MESTER – Computerworld Hungary

At the CIO conference, on behalf of BaseWalk, Attila Kurucz presented the Taskfit application, which highlighted to all of us that there was a great need for such innovative applications, which help our daily work and significantly increase our efficiency at work in such a way that we can make an accurate statement of how much time we spent on what.

Zsolt KEMENDI – Invitech Solutions

The Enterprise version of Taskfit is a very useful work recording tool, where the members of the organisation work together on individual tasks and the time spent with it can be shown in a uniform way. The cloud service provides new opportunities for all small businesses to increase their individual efficiency.