iPhone users do not have to wait any longer, now our task and time management software that improves productivity is available on Mac, iPhone and iPad besides Windows and Android! It means that Taskfit can be used even on the world’s most popular smartphone! 

iPhone 6s was the best-selling smartphone in 2016 according to the research of IHS Market. Moreover, in some countries, such as USA and Canada, iOS devices are more popular than Android phones and tablets

As iOS and macOS users are open to innovation, love gadgets and like strong, reliable brands, we hope that this community will simply love Taskfit. This nifty time management app is easy to use, and it can make your work and life much easier by its time tracking feature.

Taskfit on iOS

The iOS version of Taskfit is pretty similar to its Android version: this mobile app is a complementary to the desktop version. If you download Taskfit to your iPhone and iPad, you can track even the time you spent on working away from your computer, eg., meetings and phone conversations. In these cases manual time tracking helps you get a clear view and reliable information about your day.

We keep working on the development of our time management software, so try Taskfit, read our blog posts and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.