Sometimes you might feel that you need more free time. If you are always stressed and exhausted as a result of too much work – endless workdays and sleepless nights – it’s time to have a break and have a rest. But how could you get more free time besides your work? Here are 6+1 incredible time saving tips. 

#1 Time machine

Use time machine just like in Terminator-Genesys, go back to the past and correct your mistakes in order to eliminate wasted time. For instance, if you had not spent 2 hours on chatting your friends instead of working, you would have finished your tasks sooner and you would have more free time.

#2 Time from time-banks

Get some extra time from a time-bank, just like in the movie called In Time. However, be careful, time-bank rubbery is dangerous.

#3 Time saving tip from Jules Verne

Travel around the world just like Phileas Fogg in Jules Verne’s novel, so you can save a whole day. Just imagine how much free time you can get in this way.

#4 Time turner necklace

Buy a time turner necklace – that Hermione Granger gets from Professor Albus Dumbledore in Harry Potter- on eBay in order to be at two places at once. So you can complete all your tasks in the same time and you will have lots of free time afterwards.

#5 Professor Flux’s method

Follow the recipe of Professor Flux – you can saw him in Minions – and make more copies of yourself. In this way you can have rest while your copies are working. What a wonderful idea, isn’ it?

#6 Like a hero

Improve your abilities! If you had such power that Flash has, you could complete all your tasks incredibly fast, and you would have so much free time that you cannot imagine.

#7 Use Taskfit

If you are afraid the above mentioned tips may not work, try Taskfit. You can save lots of time by downloading this smart time tracking app and improving your time management.

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