No doubt freelancing provides you with so much freedom that you cannot get as an employee in most positions. However, freelancers’ lives are not as easy as you would think. If you do not take care, your life can easily become a nightmare. Here is a guide how to avoid the dark side of freelancer life and enjoy its benefits. 

Stay organized

The freedom that freelancers have does not mean that they do not need to work. Although as a freelancer your schedule is flexible, no one will tell you when, where and how you should work, it is your choice, but if you want to earn money, you have to work. Moreover, the more work you have completed, the more money you can get. Therefore, improved time management and productivity is more significant for freelancers than for anyone else.

Increase your productivity

Find out how you can be the most productive, and work in that way. No matter morning lark or night owl you are, and where you like working – at a desktop, in bed, in a coffee shop or in a park –, work then and in such circumstances in which you can work the most efficiently. You can easily find out when you can be the most productive if you use a time management app that provides you with a productivity report. Try Taskfit, download it to your computer, it is free.

Stay focused

Try to stay focused while you are working. If you do so, you can work more efficiently, increase your productivity and finish work sooner. Exclude every interfering moment during work, do not even answer the phone. So you can save lots of time and can achieve better work-life balance.

Charge every hour you spent with working

Most freelancers charge by the hour. Therefore, finding an easy and accurate time tracking method is extremely important if you would like to work as a freelancer. You have to know how much work you have worked on a project even if you do not charge by the hour, since in this case you have to calculate a tariff. Forget manual time tracking, that takes lots of time, is inaccurate and leaves much room for mistakes. Use such an automatic time tracking app instead which automatically generates a worksheet that you can use for invoicing. Taskfit can be also used for this purpose.

Be social

Do not forget to keep in touch with your friends and ex-colleagues especially if you work alone from home. Whereas spending too much time alone is not healthy at all, meeting people can give you much energy, motivation, inspiration and even possibilities. In addition, look for the opportunities to meet new people and build relationships. If you have a wide circle of friends, you will never feel lonely, no matter how many hours you spend alone.


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