Taskfit to be presented at the 20th Anniversary Festival of the Project Management Association 

The Hungarian Project Management Association has been formed exactly 20 years ago with the purpose to gather PM professionals and provide them with background support. Their goal is to empower individual professionals and companies with high level knowledge and development opportunities. The Association is to celebrate its 20th Anniversary with a special event where all important players of the project management scene would be given the opportunity to showcase their biggest projects.

BaseWalk, as one of the members of the Association, is to present Taskfit as a software delivering a ready-made solution to the typical problems of large enterprises. These issues might vary on a large scale, so just as to name a few:

  • How to control suppliers in real time?
  • How much do different clients / projects / products cost?
  • How to operate already introduced workflow systems?
  • How to optimize the tasks of employees?
  • How to evaluate internal processes?

Taskfit functions as a complementary tool to enterprise systems to solve the above listed issues.

The key takeaway is:

„If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.” (Peter Drucker)