Professional gatherings built around anniversaries are always warmly welcome. It was the case on the 20th Anniversary Festival of the PMA, as well – nearly 400 professional individuals and companies attended the conference where Taskfit was presented as the Y generation time management solution for enterprises. 

Attila Kurucz, CEO of the developer BaseWalk Ltd. highlights the key learnings from the event.

  • What was your overall impression about the event?

The project management industry has been going through a continuous development. We feel honored to be a part of this society and to be able to showcase our product and achievements to its members.

  • How do you see the future of project management?

Obviously, it needs to keep space with the accelerated technical development our environment faces. Our product – Taskfit – can play a significant part in this process.

  • Where do you see the biggest opportunity?

There are several systems and applications trying to improve and manage projects and communication between team members. Our solution serves as a niche product as it doesn’t wish to compete with any of these services. To put it simple, the goal of Taskfit is to track and measure work time spent on different tasks and projects and feed data back to the above-mentioned systems. As a complementary service, Taskfit helps individuals and teams become more productive.

A short video about the event can be watched HERE.