Do you use a time assistant app? Leverage the benefits of the 21th century and smart technology and get more work done in less time! 

How can a time assistant app help your work?

A time assistant app is like an invisible workmate. It works in the background while you are doing your job and collects data about what you are actually doing. In addition, it tracks how much time you spend on each task. This intelligent app called Taskfit automatically tracks every single minute you spend at your computer after switching it on and it generates reports about your activity besides measuring your productivity. Moreover, if you download the app on your mobile device, it will also measure the time you have spent on working away from your computer (e.g. meetings, conferences and phone calls). Do not forget: “That which is measured, improves.” If you can accurately measure what you spend your time on while you are working, you can improve your time management and your productivity.

So, what is a personal time assistant app doing in fact?

It tracks the time you spend on your tasks and automatically generates timesheets and productivity reports. In addition, even the free version contains a Wunderlist and a Google Calendar integration. Besides the free Taskfit recommended for non-commercial use our software also has more advanced editions with extra features useful for freelancers and project teams. You can even use it to make invoicing way easier than before. For more information about the editions of Taskfit, click HERE.

How does it work?

Download the app on your computer, follow the installation instructions and that is all. You are ready. When you start working on a new task enter its name to the Task Center of the app, assign each used file or website to it and from that on, Taskfit will automatically measure the time you have spent on that to-do.

You can download the app from HERE