Summer is the most appropriate time for relaxing, recreation and getting enough energy for the rest of the year – even for freelancers. Here are a few smart time management tips to help you get more free time and enjoy this season. 

#1 Set the date

If you would like to leave for vacation, set the date as soon as possible, and tell your clients that you will not be available during that time. Thereafter, adjust your work deadlines according to this date.

#2 Practice saying “No”

After you have decided to go on a holiday, do not let anybody change your mind. Stick to the plan and practice saying “no” to your customers in a polite, positive way.

#3 Be prepared for your summer holiday

In order to enjoy your vacation and have pleasant memories you have to survive the extremely busy Pre- and Post-Holiday period. Make sure you get every task done before you leave. It is not as hard as it sounds with advanced time management. Use an automatic time tracker app to improve your time management and get more work done in less time. Try Taskfit! It has a free version that you can download from HERE. You can integrate your Google Calendar and Wunderlist into it; and in addition, its productivity report provides you with useful information to get to know how and when you can work the most efficiently.

#4 Simplify invoicing

Do not forget to invoice even if you are about to leave for vacation, otherwise you will not get money from your customers. However, you can simplify this process by using the automatically generated timesheet that Taskfit prepares for you for invoicing. So you do not need to spend time on administration, and as a result, you can save lots of time.

#5 Stay focused

You can be more productive and finish work sooner if you can stay focused while you are working. Therefore, switch off social media notifications, check your e-mails just once or twice a day and do not answer the phone when you are busy.

Extra tips:

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