Some teams perform better than others. But why? What is their secret? What makes them successful? We have gathered the characteristics of successful teams. 

Here you can find a guideline to follow in order to improve your team’s efficiency.

#1 Diversity

Despite of the fact that people with similar interests can understand each other better, most small business teams cannot afford to hire numerous members from the same field. The most efficient teams consist of professionals with different skills.

#2 Proper mix of team members

A good team is like a puzzle. Each team member is different, all of them are necessary for the desired result, and they have to match each other. If team members cannot work together, the team cannot be successful.

#3 Engagement

A real team is different from work groups and is more than the sum of individual members. Its members not just work together, but also think together, make decisions together, help each other, share information and responsibility, and their goals are common.

#4 Effective group leader

An efficient group needs to have an effective group leader who organizes the work of the team and divides the tasks among the members. The success of the group highly depends on good leadership. A great leader has outstanding organization, communication and problem solving skills, among others.

#5 Sharing information

A productive team is a coherent group of two or more people who work together. Effective teamwork is unimaginable without the continuous sharing of information about tasks including their current status.

#6 Improved time management

High level time management is essential for productive work for both individuals and teams. However, it is much more difficult to achieve it in teams. It is essential to set deadlines for every single task and then keep them in order to complete projects in time.

#7 Invoicing without any debate

Not surprisingly, one of the main sources of debates in teams is money. If you want to avoid such arguments, pay attention to the fact that all members of the team earn exactly the same amount of money as they worked.

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