Taskfit and breast feeding

The primary objective of Taskfit is to enhance personal or team productivity during work. However, as the app is getting better and better, we have noticed that the team developing and promoting the software has started to apply Taskfit outside of the office, as well! It means that it is becoming an indispensable tool in several other areas of life to make our lives easier.

This way we came to the idea to kick off a brand-new article-series called Taskfit Out of Office collecting those additional opportunities where the services of Taskfit can be used with great benefits. We do this by involving a colleague of the Taskfit team each week to write about their experience – also providing them the opportunity to get a bit of spotlight.


Myki – Senior Java developer & father of a newborn baby 


“The birth of a baby is always a good opportunity to start something new, so I was given the opportunity to start our series as I have just become the happy father of a gorgeous little boy. As I am a real Taskfit-fanatic I took my app home and shared the idea with my wife to use Taskfit to track breast feeding sessions. As there is no such app on the market and new parents usually use pen and paper to track the eating habits of their baby, the idea was very well received and immediately executed by her.

The fantastic result can be seen above – with the mobile version of Taskfit we tracked the exact time and duration of each session where manual comments with extra info (e.g. the quantity of milk consumed, actual weight of the baby, etc.) were also added.

Therefore, there will be no more wondering about when to start the next feeding session, how much the baby has eaten so far that day, how long each of the sessions are, etc. – all information is available in Taskfit’s automatic timesheet report!”