Taskfit & jewelry making 

The main objective of our Taskfit Out of Office series is to showcase those non-work-related areas of life where our app can be a handy tool when working on a given task.  The team behind Taskfit consists of several professional developers, but just like the rest of us, they also have some favorite free-time activities. In this part of the series we would like to introduce Csilla, our front-end developer, who designs and creates wonderful pieces of pearl jewelry once the working day is over.

Csilla – Front-end developer & jewelry making specialist 

“I usually spend a couple of hours a day with developing different ideas, selecting the proper ingredients and doing the art, that is, creating my beautiful pieces of jewelry.  But so far, I haven’t been able to estimate how much time I spend on my hobby, that is, how many hours a given necklace or earring takes to prepare. As Taskfit was at hand during office hours, I decided to start tracking the time I spend on this free time activity with it, as well. This way I can get a full picture about my whole day and I can learn how the classic work-life balance shapes up in my particular case. And last but not least, I could also get an input on the ‘time cost’ of each jewelry I create.

Tracking was easy, as always – I just needed to add each of my creation as a new task and track time manually on my smartphone once I start working that particular jewelry. I was tracking separately the time I spent on designing the given piece, the time I spent on purchasing the pearls and extra ingredients, and the creation itself was also tracked as a different session.

The result was really interesting as it turned out that I have more free time than I had originally thought, which contributes to a sense of well-being and the desire to accomplish even more both at work and in my hobby.”

In case you are interested in Csilla’s art, you can check her Facebook page HERE!