Taskfit & UX nightshifts

Our series introducing the faces behind Taskfit is getting so popular that dev team members are practically queueing in front of the editorial office to get their turn and get introduced in the blog section of our product website! So, the spotlight this week shines on Adam, our UX / UI Guru, who loves his job so much that he undertakes extra projects in his free time to finetune his skills and make even more money.

Ádám – UX Designer & Nightshifter

„For me it is obvious to use Taskfit day and night to track my worktime and my productivity. I am a lucky guy as my job is also my hobby, so I use my nights to work on extra projects (with the approval of my girlfriend obviously). As an employee at BaseWalk there was never any issue around financials, but it is a different story in case of my extra projects. As a freelancer, I was never sure how many working hours to invoice to my clients as I had been tracking my nightshift hours manually, recalling and collecting information usually several days or even weeks afterwards. As a result, probably I have lost money as people tend to underestimate the time they have spent on a given project or task.

Therefore, as Taskfit PRO has started to shape up nicely, I introduced its concept to my business partners and they simply loved its transparency, the way they would be able to precisely track my work and the invoicing process that would be getting smoother, as well.

And the good thing is that I can separate my ‘official’ and ‘unofficial’ projects from each other within the application and they don’t disturb each other, so my employer and my partners see only those reports that relate to that specific cooperation. I warmly recommend using Taskfit PRO for all freelancers, and I don’t say it as an employee of the developer, but as a freelancer with happy and satisfied customers!”

In case you are interested in what projects Adam is working on besides Taskfit, click HERE!