We are in the middle of summer and – except for those lucky ones on holiday – office hours seem to be way longer than usual. Frankly, it seems they will never end. Sounds familiar?

To-do lists are essential for most of us. None of us like them, still, they are a great method to get over a busy day in a relatively easy way. On the other hand, they tend to stress us out, especially if they seem to be never-ending, even if we have spent our entire day on finishing them off one by one. But they can also reward us: in the rare case of completing all to-dos we intended for the day the level of our adrenaline can increase just like a great party would do at the beach.

In case they rather stress you out instead of making you triumphant, here are a few tricks to make them help you along:

#1 Engage in a total of 5 to-dos per day

It is not about the number itself, the magic lies in the fact that you are maximizing your burdens for the given day. It makes you focus on the important things and you don’t get lost among less important to-dos. Also, having 5 things on your list is definitely less frustrating than having 15 pieces there, which would be highly unlikely to be achieved anyway.

#2 Group similar tasks together

Switching between completely different types of tasks require a way higher cost of switching than completing similar type of to-dos in a row. So, creating subgroups of similar tasks result in a higher success rate by the end of the day.

#3 Go for time blocks instead of tasks

Some might be frightened by lists in overall. If you belong to that group, try to plan based on time periods instead of to-dos and define the amount of time you would dedicate to a type of work instead of going through a typical to-do list. This will ease your mind and give you a certain sense of freedom.

#4 Work on what really matters

Most of us tend to create a separate to-do for everything they think they should complete, independently from their importance. This way the list can grow endless and your chances of completing all of them will be really low. Try to rank them by importance and you will notice that your list is not that long anymore!

#5 Include items you love to do

Our to-do lists consist of things we like and things we don’t like. If we are overwhelmed by the latter, making progress is very difficult. So, try to include a couple of things on your list that are less important on the short run but might serve your well-being on the long run. It will give you a momentum to progress with your work in general.

Need a tool to try the above tips? Download Taskfit HERE!


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