Together with Microsoft experts, we have been working on the integration of Taskfit and Microsoft Teams.

Teams, as part of Office 365, is Microsoft’s chat-based solution to support team work. In Teams, we can communicate with our colleagues and get updates of current tasks anytime. Information, shared files and chat history is constantly available. We can initiate voice and video conference calls, other team members can join in also from mobile devices. The integrated Office 365 support makes work especially effective.

After Taskfit integration, your tasks, reports and productivity diagrams will also be available in Microsoft Teams. Teams group work support will be extended with Taskfit functions like, automatic time measurement, various task and calendar integrations. With functions of Taskfit client, everyday work becomes even more efficient.

With Taskfit client, you’ll get a handy tool for obtaining a transparent proof of working hours! Our automatic activity-based time measurement feature allows you to keep precise track of the time you spend on each task so that you can invoice your customers without extra administration. Forget pressing the start/stop button. Taskfit starts measuring the time you spend on each task as soon as you start working on it.