Taskfit is offering an instant solution during this new pandemic for families that are forced to stay and work from home. Our fast and effective solution is helping students, teachers and their families. Taskfit offers a structured rhythm in your daily routine without the school settings at home. Unfortunately, by completing school work at home students are unable to keep their usual school time table. Our system categorizes each and every subject separately by themes, laying out goals and measuring the effectiveness of the student’s study habits. Taskfit offers a fast, attainable new strategy that gives the students the ability to divide their daily studies and homework by subjects and measures their actual time spent on each task. Students can then discuss their task length and time spent with each subject with their teachers or families. Our system offers a new method to measure the student’s accuracy in their own learning process allowing students and parents to better fit the learning schedule into their daily lives at home. We are hoping that with this method we can help the public education system. We are looking for families that would like to try our system and would be willing to give feedback for our programme.