For many corporations, managing “work from home” staff has always been a challenge. Today even more so due to the current coronavirus pandemic. For some companies it is business as usual, however, for many, this is uncharted territory and presents new challenges as it has never been part of their business model. Office managers skilled at keeping track of in-house staff are now finding their skillset challenged by the need to remotely manage large teams and keep these teams on a profitable tack. Challenges arise in time management, time tracking and efficient resource allocation. This change in daily rhythm for the entire team can be costly with time losses and inefficiencies. 

Taskfit provides a tool specifically designed for middle and senior management in large companies to schedule employees’ tasks and provide a comprehensive view of their time at spent at work. Our system helps management to see exactly where to intervene, which employees require assistance or guidance, and where the managers themselves may need help with team management. It is our goal that by helping corporate teams to streamline the accurate accounting and tracking of time spent on corporate tasks by team members at home, corporate employees, as well as management will find more time in their day to focus on family and home matters.

If you feel that controlling your team’ s valuable commodity of time would benefit you or your company, please contact us so we can share how other large companies have successfully applied Taskfit!