Enhancing productivity via automatic time tracking

For freelancers

Taskfit is a ridiculously simple and magically efficient application to track your time spent on your projects, tasks, assignments and clients and create timesheets with minimal administration.

For enterprises

Taskfit is an automated time tracking desktop and mobile application designed to provide accurate overview on how employees spend their working time – measuring both team and individual effort on projects.

No Start/Stop

Taskfit glues a lightweight and smart task assignment dropdown, aka Task Picker to each application window, which allows you to link your files and web pages to your tasks, and start measuring time spent with it immediately.


The Task Center organizes all your files assigned manually or automatically to a certain task to ensure a neat and systematic workflow. No need to look for files and resources every time, you can open them with just a single click.


Taskfit keeps a record of the actual time spent working and administration is just a click away. Assign your activity to a task and Taskfit does everything else in the background for you – be it a daily statement or a monthly report.

Minimal data logged

We take your privacy seriously! Taskfit only logs data to identify measured resources – like file names, subject lines and website addresses – and timesheet reports never contain any of this information. Also, you can switch to non-recorded privacy mode in your browser anytime!

No personal info recorded

Taskfit does not handle content related data. It neither collects, stores or sends any personal data like texts and images in files, e-mails or chat messages, nor takes screenshots or audio recordings of any kind. You can not only take our word for it, we are audited, too!

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