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Taskfit reloaded

Hey Taskfitters! 5 years ago, when we started this journey, we never thought that this will ever happen. That there will be a pandemic and masses start working from home. That work efficiency and automatic time tracking become hot topics at enterprises. And it just happened: during the springtime lockdown (in Hungary), major bluechip companies contacted us to immediately deploy Taskfit for their hundreds of employees. Assessment, proposal, setup, training and deployment. Then next client… Not to complain, but we have had a few busy months recently.

But, in the light of these events, we also have decided to reload Taskfit, pimp our website, refine the features of v.1.0 and make it available to everyone and free to download. Next to this, we will officially be launching the product in Hungary, too (It is funny that we had just a few Hungarian users, isn’t it?) So, let us do it! I’ll be back, baby!

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