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Hybrid working, aka working during and post COVID-19

The pandemic has accelerated digital evolution in almost all sectors significantly, but unquestionably the most radical changes occur in the world of working and employment. And once the pandemic is gone, we can be confident: home office and remote working are here to stay!

As much as home office has its advantages, so does working in the office has its own. But if we pick the bests of both worlds, the hybrid working scheme we created fits dreams and new norms of the most. Obviously there are many employment-related legal and operational questions to be answered, but the precise and transparent measurement of time spend working is solved by Taskfit for both employees and employers. And freelancers, hmmm, we cannot even understand how they can be without it… 😉

To get to know the benefits of Taskfit, simply click here: https://taskfit.com/en/benefits-for-freelancers/

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