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Our Taskfit application is a simple and easy-to-use time tracking software to measure working hours, improve productivity and reduce administrative tasks no matter where we are.

During the pandemic and the ensuing lockdown period as a home office period became the new norm overnight, companies faced the challenge of accurately tracking the progress of projects where members are physically isolated from each other and only interact through their computers and mobile devices. Even for massive corporations where large-scale, internationally distributed projects had not been uncommon before, suddenly extending remote working to all their operations was a cultural shock.

People long accustomed to working in a motivating, buzzing office environment were now expected to be equally efficient in a potentially much less work inspiring setting; their own homes, often shared with a spouse, children, or flatmates all day. While some adjusted relatively easily, lots of people found it hard to stay focused, their work became more fragmented and had to be fitted around other activities often at irregular times.

Regardless of our position, office work always involves a certain degree of multi-tasking, as our planned daily activities get interrupted by telephone calls, emails, ad-hoc tasks, questions from colleagues, not to mention adverts and social media sites. It is a bit like playing many chess games simultaneously where the state of all games is mixed on one single board: on our computer. We typically have too many applications, documents, and websites open at any moment, which makes it hard to maintain focus and there is no objective way to tell how much time is spent on one specific task and what we spend our working time with. If we move this complexity from a purposefully organized office environment into a private home where priorities are completely different, the problem is quickly multiplied.

The uniqueness of Taskfit lies in the simple idea that to improve efficiency, people working on simultaneous tasks (like most of us do often without realizing) should be assisted in separating one activity from another. Clear separation of daily tasks results in more focus and makes our progress more measurable. Taskfit helps team members and team leaders alike in getting an accurate real-time overview of both individual and team productivity without invading their privacy.

During the quarantine, Taskfit become an invisible yet indispensable workmate to many employees and freelancers as it gave them a simple and unquestionable way to show how much effort they put in every day, while also helping managers in planning and tracking their projects more accurately.

With the retreat of the pandemic, quite a few companies decided to introduce a new hybrid working model – some location-flexible arrangement – where the positive aspects of remote work experienced during the lockdown can be utilized in their future operations. With its renewed user interface and continuously improved functionality, Taskfit aims to remain a strong partner in making such innovative visions work well in practice.

The Taskfit app is available on Windows and macOS desktops as well as Android and iOS mobile platforms. Taskfit is fully GDPR compliant, it does not collect, store, or send any personal data, like screenshots, video, or audio recordings of any kind. We take your privacy seriously!

To enhance your productivity, try the app for free and join the Taskfit user community. The free version can easily be extended with out-of-the-box or custom-tailored modules to meet your special requirements in public or private cloud environments or your local infrastructure

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