Benefits for Enterprises

The bridge between planning and reporting

 Corporate managements and controlling systems require data on productivity, efficiency and costs to support decision making. Taskfit provides real-time information on personal productivity via automatic time tracking. This non-obstructive, easy-to-use application enables managers to oversee and evaluate individual and team efforts throughout the whole execution phase of projects and in day-to-day operations, all without additional administrative burdens.

Smooth is fast

 Any task can be tracked and measured on today’s electronic devices – be it a computer, tablet or smartphone. Taskfit, hence the name, fits into the tasks: neither it alters the look and feel of the usual workspace, nor requires changes in the workflow. Only a minimal user interaction is needed to ‘pair’ documents, e-mails, websites, apps or other resources to your tasks and Taskfit does all the magic automatically; from real-time tracking to detailed reporting.

Keep focused and motivated

 All Taskfit users get their individual, detailed report on effectiveness and productivity. Reports include tasks and to-dos completed, time spent on specific issues and focus on various matters. With adequate permissions, team leaders can combine individual reports into team progress reports, while managers can oversee the whole execution, and by incorporating this information into the corporate performance evaluation process, give feedback to and motivate colleagues.

Automatic and privacy centered

 Taskfit not only enables employees to track tasks effectively and efficiently, but does it automatically, too. Once a single document, e-mail or other resource is assigned to a task, the AI engine links all related resources to that specific task. Afterwards, these resources are easily accessible with a single click in the Task Center. And this is done in a GDPR-compliant process. For details, please see our Privacy Policy and Data collection directives.

Your colleagues, your setup

 Taskfit is available for all major operating systems, custom tailored to your requirements in public or private cloud environments or running on your dedicated local servers. Permission levels could be adjusted to specific needs, so are integrations to management information systems and planning/reporting tools (e.g. MS Project and Teams, Jira or YouTrack). We provide professional, full-scale technical, infrastructure and operational remote and on-premise support to our clients.

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