Benefits for Freelancers

Your time, your money

Have you ever wondered how much you really make on a project as an individual or a team? How much you pay for subcontractors and for what? Do your clients require timesheets? Sure they do. Do you like preparing those reports and calculations? Neither do we! So we have created a non-obstructive, easy-to-use application to oversee and evaluate your efforts throughout the whole execution phase of projects and in day-to-day operations, all without additional administrative burdens.

More time doing, less administrating

Paperwork kills creativity, right? We keep track of your time spent on tasks and projects automatically. All you have to do is to assign the doc, message, webpage, etc. to your task and the rest is done by Taskfit. The AI engine links all related resources to that specific task and all these resources are easily accessible with a single click in the Task Center. No more cutting through the clutter, no more Start/Stop button. Oh, did we mention the automatic reports ;-)?

No time wasted

Once Taskfit is up and running on your device(s), it tracks all your work activities, shall it be writing documents, replying to e-mails, creating content or designs for your clients or browsing the web (unless you go private). You can manually add events and meetings attended to your timeline as well. Your activities are assigned to tasks, should you switch your task (good at multitasking, uh?), Taskfit starts recording your time to that specific task. No time wasted, no time unbilled.

Accurate reports in a blink of an eye

Since Taskfit records work related resource usage in the background, it creates transparent timesheets automatically, which you can export in customizable format as a whole or filtered to specific tasks, clients and projects for a certain period. If you preset your hourly rate, billable is calculated immediately, and all you have to do is to issue the invoice (the only administration we all love :-D).

Your data, your privacy

Taskfit enables you to track your time and tasks effectively and efficiently. Our AI-assisted automatic tracking never collects content-related data, takes screenshots or uses your mic or camera. The app neither collects nor uploads any sensitive information to the cloud, just the data required to identify your activities assigned to tasks, cross our hearts. If it is not enough, please see our Privacy Policy and Data collection directives. For EU citizens: we are GDPR-compliant, btw…

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