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Got any questions regarding the functioning of Taskfit?
Check the below section or drop us a mail in case you don’t find the right answer.

I have found a bug or have a feature request, how can I report it?

Go to the Feedback item in the Task Center’s menu or look for the Feedback link in the Portal’s footer. Please provide as much info as possible, every detail counts. All the information shared with us is 100% confidential.

Is Taskfit available on Windows Phone or Linux?

At the moment there is no Linux or Windows Phone version on our roadmap.

How can I change my login credentials?

You can change your email address and password on the Account settings page.

Can I connect any other service to Taskfit?

Sure you can! On the Integration settings page you’ll have the option to add services like Wunderlist.

How can I download Taskfit?

You can always get our software through the Download item in the Portal’s menu.

How can I uninstall Taskfit app?

Always use your operating system’s default feature to uninstall the Taskfit application. Windows: use ‘Uninstall a program’ option in Control Panel.  macOS: Drag the app from the Applications folder to the Trash. Android: use the ‘Application manager’ feature. iOS: Tap and hold the icon until it starts to jump around, then tap the X that appears in the top-left corner of the app’s icon.

What do categories mean?

Think about them as an extra way to sort your tasks. You are not limited to the default Client and Project categories, you can change them or add your own. Customize to fit your own existing work environment and logic. They are really handy when you use the Report function.

How does automatic time tracking work?

Just do your stuff as usual and use the Task Picker on the top of your window to select a task to assign the given file or webpage to. Every time you open the same file or webpage Taskfit will automatically start tracking your time against the selected task.

Is data stored in a secure environment?

Everything from your passwords to the addresses of your used websites are fully encrypted via AES 256 CBC encryption and we use secure HTTPS communication.

How much time will it take to learn the usage of Taskfit?

Just add a couple of tasks and start assigning your files to them. You will notice that Taskfit quickly learns your working habits and you will need to care about its functioning less and less.

How much does it cost?

The basic version of Taskfit is free of charge. Please refer to our Pricing page for further information about the cost of the PRO, Business and Enterprise editions.

Do you have a mobile application for Taskfit, as well?

Yes, our mobile app for Android is downloadable from the Google Play store, while the iOS version is available at the iTunes Store. They both serve as complementary tools to the desktop versions of Taskfit.

Can users record time when offline?

Yes, they can, Taskfit works in an offline mode, as well.

How is this different from other time tracking applications?

When using Taskfit, there is no need to push the start / stop button as our software automatically notices when you start or finish working on a given task.

Which browsers are supported?

Currently we have a Chrome and Firefox plugin in order to help the resource-task assignment.

What is Taskfit?

Taskfit is a task cloud-based desktop and mobile application. It is offering a top class solution to the long-existing problem of human multitasking by means of proactively supporting personal work.

How does Taskfit work?

See the ‘How it works’ part on our ‘Using Taskfit’ page. 

How accurate is Taskfit?

Taskfit is almost perfect in terms of accuracy, it may over or under-report by a couple of seconds occasionally owing to idle detection and missing time allocation for a given application.

Do Taskfit users have to install an application on their computer?

The installation of the Task Center client is the basic condition of tracking users’ time without manual entry. Also, logging time manually to a given task may distort the accuracy of the report.  But no worries, the downloadable component of the client is extremely lightweight and small so uninstallation should be easy in case you decide to do so.

What are the desktop client’s system requirements?

If you can run Microsoft Windows 7 or above then you’re good to go, while the macOS client is downloadable on the 10.10 version or above.

1. User Registration

Get started with using Taskfit by signing up on our website.

2. Portal Setting Page

You can set or change your settings in the Setup Menu of the Task Center.

3. User Interface Elements

Get familiar with the different elements of our application!

4. Create Task

Create new tasks or modify your existing ones.

5. Pick Task

The Task Picker bar lets you assign your files, webpages, documents, contacts to tasks.

6. Auto Assign

Taskfit is also able to automatically assign your files to your tasks.

7. Create List

You can group your connected tasks to different lists.

8. Rename List

Want to change the name of a previously created list? Here’s how to do it.

9. Delete List

Is there a list you no longer need? Here’s how to delete it.

10. Share List

In case of working on a task as a team the List Sharing function will come very handy.

11. Create a Category

You can categorize your added tasks based on which project or client they belong to. You can create new categories, as well.

12. Layout Selector

Select the layout of Taskfit based on how much details you would like to see on your screen.

13. Basic Task Operation

A couple of further options around your added tasks like renaming, marking completed or adding priority.

14. Check Used Resources

Check and re-open all resources you used to complete a specific task!

15. Download / Install Taskfit

An easy-to-understand guide about how you can download and install Taskfit on your devices.

16. E-mail verification

You will need to verify your new account by clicking on the link we send you via e-mail.

17. Dashboard

You can access your user Dashboard with a simple click in the Task Center.

18. Productivity Measurement

A great tool showing you how productive you have been during your week.

19. Wunderlist Integration

You can integrate Taskfit with Wunderlist with a few easy steps.

20. Google Calendar integration

You can integrate your Google Calendar with our app to import your events, meetings and tasks into Taskfit.