BaseWalk Ltd. (www.basewalk.com) is an innovative, young IT start-up company founded in 2009 by a group of management and IT professionals with the aim of becoming key players on the narrow but rapidly expanding market of human performance and task management tools. It has been actively working on improving productivity during work since its foundation. Its continuously expanding and motivated team tries to gather the most talented personnel in the country so that they join forces with the management owning several years of experience. BaseWalk is one of those innovative software developer start-ups that obtained a direct funding from Brussels. We help our clients establish the control and coordination required to manage business processes, projects and tasks successfully, achieving the expected business results.


Nuage Ltd. (www.nuage.hu) is focusing purely on software development, especially in SaaS and Cloud based applications. “Nuage” means “Cloud” in French, and the goal of the company is to offer B2B and B2C solutions in Public and Private Cloud, that’s what both the name and the logo represent. Its management team has 10+ years IT project management experience in multinational project environment which guarantees the successful implementation. Nuage Ltd. has a constantly growing and well-prepared development team, which guarantees satisfying individual development needs and implementation support. Nuage is a well prepared cloud startup company with a strong experience of the owners and managers in both the enterprise B2B and B2C era.