1: To make our product available to a wider audience by porting it to all popular platforms and devices and providing out of the box integrations with the most common corporate systems.

The currently available commercial version of Taskfit consists of a Windows client and server with central data storage, synchronization and reporting functionality. In order to make Taskfit PRO a universal task execution front end, it must be available on all widely used devices and must be able to accept tasks from all possible sources. This goal requires portable client architecture and a set of easily configurable integration connectors. Taskfit PRO will also provide a well-defined API based on the OASIS WS-HumanTask specification to simplify the development of further connectors in the future. Another important area of integration will be the connection to popular social network sites that will allow users to share tasks achievements with others.

2: To build up the Taskfit PRO public and private cloud services.

Instead of the current locally deployed Taskfit client-server architecture, Taskfit PRO will use a cloud based service to store and synchronize data. The cloud service will have a globally available public variant offered mainly to individuals, free-lancing professionals, start-ups and SMEs and there will be a private cloud service that can be deployed to the internal cloud infrastructure of larger entities more conscious about owning their data. As Taskfit PRO will be available as a cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS), system components need to be prepared for this kind of configuration and deployment.

3: Re-positioning Taskfit PRO to the B2C market.

In addition to the cloud service and self-service customer portal, in order to re-position Taskfit PRO to the retail market, we have to build up sufficient capacity to serve the need of a large number of small customers. This involves setting up and operating a contact centre available 24/7 over various communications channels, developing training materials, knowledge base and FAQ available on the website. We also need to build up a reseller network with well-established methods for knowledge transfer including technical and sales training.

4: Successful commercialization of our next-level product

Successful commercialization of Taskfit PRO is the ultimate goal of the project. In order to successfully introduce the new product to the market, we need professional planning to finalize the business model and pricing method and determine the optimal sales strategy and marketing mix for the product launch.

5: To develop a new approach and toolset capable of automatically generating business process models by gathering and analyzing task data.

A new tool will be developed that will read the data gathered by Taskfit PRO and use it to automatically generate business process models by applying pattern recognition algorithms, data mining and process analysis techniques. The tool will be able to discover process structure, identify weaknesses, bottlenecks and unnecessary redundancies with the aim of optimizing business operations. The new tool is intended to become a viable and cheap alternative to existing process mining techniques. The tool is not part of the Taskfit PRO service but a supplementary product that is offered mainly to professional services companies and enterprises that execute large scale projects in the areas of business process development and re-engineering, outsourcing due diligence, software license audit or similar areas, where human working patterns need to be analysed.