Hey Guys,

As we all know work-life balance is especially important in the pre-Christmas season. My family needs me and my time more than ever, while my company, business partners and my team all need extra care and attention, as well. In many cases focusing on one priority takes time away from the rest of my tasks, as completing my job responsibilities aren’t worth much without completing my to-dos at home, and vice versa.

As this Taskfit report shows, this year I tried to do things in a different way: I only took care of really important business stuff during the week of Christmas and tried to finish everything until 15 pm each day, while my family and private life (and some traffic jam 🙂 ) became my focus after this time – and it worked!

But don’t forget, to accomplish such a great result, just like Dwayne „The Rock” says: you have to FOCUS! 🙂

Check out what you spend your time on and double check whether you are dealing with people and tasks that are worth it!

I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!