The Taskfit task manager and time tracking software is a simple, effective answer to several challenges that office workers face.

The software was developed to suit the needs of businesses and took into account feedback from our customers to create a perfected system.

Taskfit is a task manager and time tracking software that

  • is easy to use
  • runs in your usual work environment
  • provides information in real time
  • keeps accurate records automatically
  • handles and manages the performance of both scheduled and ad hoc tasks
  • automatically assigns all task-related information to a given task without extra effort
  • increases focus and efficiency
  • provides immediate, real data for timesheet reports

Ease of use

Each user is able to use the system with ease, record tasks and generate and access reports with a few clicks. After installation Taskfit is ready to use.

Familiar work environment

You do not have to use complicated tools. Instead, you can use the usual, standard tools such as Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook), together with other familiar systems. Task-related information is recorded without extra effort while using familiar tools.

Real time management information

The system displays the current status of work and task performance and provides updated and immediate information for making management decisions. Reports and statements provide immediate and comprehensive work performance data up to the time of the report query.

Accurate and automatic records

In the course of work performance Taskfit time tracker software records the amount of time spent on each task and activity automatically, without extra effort. If non-computer activities are also involved in a specific task performance (e.g. participation in a business meeting), they can be recorded manually in the Android smartphone version of Taskfit. Consequently, no work time is left unaccounted for, and the actual time spent on each task will be visible.

Taskfit handles the implementation and management of both scheduled and ad hoc tasks

All tasks are visible (no task is lost or forgotten), and prioritising tasks is quick and easy.

Taskfit automatically assigns all task-related information to the task without extra effort

Taskfit classifies and helps the user locate all material related to individual tasks, providing all necessary information for work performance. Additionally, Taskfit ensures (immediate) access to the latest, most current version of all case files.

Increased focus and efficiency

The programs and the documents used in the course of work performance are automatically assigned to the given tasks without extra effort. This provides a user environment where switching between tasks is efficient and work performance is focused.

Immediate, real data for timesheet reports

Comprehensive information is available at all times about tasks and projects, the amount of work performed and any problems that may occur. Prioritising cases and tasks is easy by means of using Taskfit.