The demand for accurate and automatic time tracking methods is continuously growing within both the business-to-consumer sector and the enterprise environment. 

Therefore, the InnoWorld2017 conference served as a great opportunity to showcase the innovation and benefits our software can bring to individual and business consumers. InnoWorld is a professional yearly event to showcase such new IT-solutions that make business operations more effective, and at the same time inspire viewers to progress further on the road of innovation with new ideas. The conference was hosted by Computerworld, the market leader Hungarian IT magazine in the B2B scene.

As for our share of the event, besides introducing ourselves –  the BaseWalk team behind the product –  we have placed a great emphasis on highlighting the key differences between the Y and X generations, and the importance and benefits the cooperation of these two age-groups can bring to smaller and larger enterprises.

So how does it do that? Here’s what we have presented about our product @ InnoWorld2017!

Taskfit, a software designed for the Y generation, supports you without even being noticed as it works silently in the background without disrupting its user, tracks time you spent on a specific time automatically and provides you fancy and informative timesheets and productivity charts in an effortless manner. It is available on all important platforms and its usage can be learned in approximately 5 minutes, doesn’t allow you to lose focus on the highlighted task, supports freelancers, digital nomads and all users working in a home office setup. And last but not least, it owns a completely contemporary appearance.

If you haven’t tried it yet, you can download all versions of Taskfit HERE.